Fast Cleaner Review

Fast Cleaner Review

Like it or not, no matter how expensive smartphones we purchase or get gifted, there would come a time where you would feel its performance diminishing and you might think it’s time to switch to another phone. This is where most of the users are wrong as they wrongly invest in getting a new phone thinking their old phone is taking its last breathes. If there is any technical or hardware related issue, that taking such immediate step makes sense but if you were never aware of any trouble and suddenly your phone became slow, than you should at least get your phone checked.

For instance, your phone in terms of hardware or software might be working just fine and not having any complications but it may be facing other repairable issues such as getting overflowed with junk files, not leaving enough space to let the phone run smoothly, too much history in the browser tab and more. If you are facing similar issues related to your phone’s performance, try clearing out these above mentioned options and see the difference. To help our readers we have made a review on an app known as ‘Fast Cleaner’ that helps you get rid of all the easily removable junk and useless files/cache from your phone to make it faster than before.


Junk cleaner:

Our smartphones whether expensive or not become slow and lose their true potential of working at their full speed due to junk and viruses that enter while we surf the internet using the browser. Hence, clean your junk files and see the difference.

Phone cleaner:

Clean files that you didn’t even know existed in the form of trash stored in the apps you use or in the storage memory.

Phone booster:

This feature helps you fix all the bugs or glitches that may or may not exist. All your queries related to slow speed or poor performance would go down the drain.

Clean history:

Nobody is stopping you from doing your daily activities such as browsing the internet, watching movies, downloading songs, playing games etc. but in doing so, you start storing some parts of the history you don’t really need as they only make your life a living hell with the passage of time. Hence, getting rid of them is the only option left to improve your phone’s performance.

Battery saver:

Who wouldn’t want to save on their battery? Exactly, we all try to save our battery by decreasing the brightness of the screen, getting rid of heavy apps etc. but such efforts are not really useful if compared to the app’s feature. Hence, use the battery saver option where the app would do all the hassle for you and would let you have a complete peace of mind.

WhatsApp cleaner:

It’s hard to not use WhatsApp and we agree with that. But when we leave our WhatsApp unattended creates a heavy load on our phone where data keeps on coming but we do not get rid of all the useless files we receive along with it. Hence, keep track of what is useful and whatever you think isn’t needed anymore, delete it. Download Fast Cleaner app from Google playstore

Fast Cleaner Review


So far this worked as it promised and did not had many notable bugs or glitches to report. However, the speed of cleaning all the junk files was a bit tiring but our phones became just like new once the process finished.